Creating a flexible work-force has its challenges. Finding the right skills, knowledge, expertise and professionalism in just one person can be tricky. The added challenge of creating a team that can adapt to the changing needs of a business and create results often means that projects struggle to get off the ground.

Maxim Lifting Services Ltd, a successful Midlands based business specialising in Contract Lifting, have utilised outsourcing to support important back-office tasks and kick start specific projects.

Ben Holliday, Owner, said: “Outsourcing has given us the flexibility to try new approaches, test our ideas and create a dynamic business environment. We have been able to tap into varied skills and experience and it has freed up my time to focus on the strategic direction of the business. I now feel better prepared to build a team and grow my business”.

Source&Effect provide Outsourced Business Support and have recently launched a Tailored Recruitment Service, Source&Recruit.

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Blog post written by Andrew Pain, New Starts