Most of us already know that it’s better to split the big tasks into smaller tasks, to prioritise, goal-set (stretchy but achievable goals) and avoid multi-tasking and if we don’t already know this, we’ve clearly not been paying attention! So;

  • Why do we still answer the phone with a mouth full of sandwich whilst responding to our latest emails?
  • Has anyone got any fresh insights on how to be more productive?

There are 3 habits I’ve developed which have really helped me to be more productive:



Too many of us waste time getting bogged down in battles, which we can’t win or which are trivial. Sometimes we get the timing wrong in launching our assault, sometimes we’re ill-prepared for the dangers that lie ahead, sometimes there was no need for a battle in the first place and diplomacy would have secured better results and sometimes, we get drawn into battles which are not ours to fight.

If you want to manage your time, pick and choose your battles.

  • Be sure you know what ‘important’ and ‘trivial’ look like for you: fight important battles – walk away from trivial ones.
  • Focus on the battles you can win & perfect your timing.
  • Opt for a diplomatic, win/win situation wherever possible (war is costly)
  • Unlike military warfare, the less aggressively you begin proceedings at home or at work, the more likely it is that you’ll get what you want!



If there’s one magic cure when it comes to time management pain, it’s the principal of developing your boundaries. You might already use some funky time management apps and address the important things first, but without firm boundaries, you’ll become over-stretched and your good habits will gradually crumble under the pressure.

  • What are you prepared to compromise on?
  • What are you not prepared to tolerate? (In life, you get what you’re prepared to tolerate, so work out what you’re prepared to tolerate because that’s what you’ll get!)
  • What do you specifically need and do you communicate this?
  • How far do you choose to stretch (metaphorically speaking)?
  • What’s important to you to deliver and complete?
  • What would you answer ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to?

It’s only when you explore how these questions relate to your work, home, self-esteem, leisure, health and personal growth, that you can start establishing firm boundaries. People who are in touch with their boundaries;

– Know what their mind and gut is saying to them

– Are aware of their limitations and their potential

– Focus on what’s truly important

– Know when it’s right to fight, when it’s time to compromise and when it’s appropriate to walk away



There’s no 1 answer to solve the problem of procrastination. We all do it at different times and with different things. It can involve boredom with a specific task, perfectionism, general depression, feeling out of your depth either with the size of complexity of the task, fear of failure, the list is endless and the solution to procrastination varies depending on the cause – there is no singular magic solution. The best starting point therefore to overcoming procrastination is to understand WHY and WHEN you procrastinate on a particular thing. Once you understand WHY and WHEN, you can then address it … or you can choose not to address it – after all, it’s always best to deliberately procrastinate rather than accidentally and subconsciously procrastinate!

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Blog post written by Andrew Pain, New Starts