At Source & Effect we with work with a range of clients, offering a number of different business support services, including business development, telesales and social media and marketing campaigns.

The easiest way to explain what we do and how it can be transformational is with a real world example from one of our customers.

Lime Box Ltd is a fully integrated exhibition and event design agency, which delivers stunning exhibition stands as well as managing everything to do with a show, from briefing stand staff to analysing exhibitor results.

It’s a family-run business with husband and wife team, Lee Moss and Donna Moss at the helm. They are extremely good at what they do and, consequently, work with huge brands such as Garmin at major shows across the globe. However, they’re so busy delivering client work that they struggle to find the time to develop new relationships and expand their client base. It’s an age-old problem that many business owners struggle with.

This is where we come in. Source & Effect has an ongoing relationship with Lime Box Ltd, and one of the areas in which we are able to help is with telemarketing. The team at Lime Box Ltd has a list of clients they’d love to work with, and these are clients they know they can add real value to, as they’re already working in similar fields. For example, they are already working with companies at the Parisian boat shows, so it would make sense to break into some of the British-based shows.

That is exactly what is now happening, with Laura Underwood of Source & Effect managing the process. Laura calls Lime Box Ltd’s prospects initially to introduce the company and then follows up, staying in touch and ultimately getting to the point where Lime Box Ltd can tender for the next project that comes up.

As well as meaning that this growing business can tender for work that they are perfect for, the company is saving time and money on the costs of employing an extra member of staff. Source & Effect acts as an ‘outsourced sales team’, working within budget and enabling Lime Box Ltd to avoid the costs of recruiting, training and retaining an employee.

Lee Moss, Director at Lime Box Ltd, says, “Responsive, resourceful, professional… three words that perfectly describe the Source & Effect team. Involving a third party supplier in your company’s marketing is a big decision for any company to take. However from the moment we met the team it was very clear to us that they were not just a supplier but an extension of our own sales and marketing team.”

If you struggle to find time for business generation activities such as making sales calls and following-up with leads and prospects, or if you’re not consistently bringing new clients on board, call Source & Effect on 01527 306087 or email We’d be more than happy to talk through your options and the ways in which we can help you to win more clients, so please don’t delay getting in touch.